Rhythmically Speaking

Rhythmically Speaking is a diverse theatre company committed to providing educational and entertaining theatre for youth and family audiences. The company combines storytelling, drama, songs, rhythm, rhymes and plenty of audience participation to create a robust theatre experience. Rhythmically Speaking creates thematic productions suitable for use in schools and communities. There is always a song, and a thought to take home and ponder after the show.


Ebony Voices

Ebony Voices is a storytelling unit of Rhythmically Speaking that incorporates music and womanly style in the telling of stories from the perspective of women...

High Five

High Five is an integrated arts team made up of teaching artists who focus on bringing the arts to "specialized populations".  Current High Five artists include Amy Nevius, Joyce Jackson, Gwendolyn Hooks, Geoffery Smith, Tierney Edens, DWe Williams, Albert Bostick, Adam & Kizzie Ledbetter and Sandy Oliver.