The Faces of Rhythmically Speaking

These are the faces you're bound to run into at an RS event. Don't hesitate to hang around after a show and say hello!

Sondra McMillon

One of the "Original Four"! Known for roles such as the Fairy Godmother in How Ella Got Her Shoes Back. Other credits:  Nothing But Mercy: A Private Room Please (Retired School Teacher's Wife), Tales from the Quilt, Sweet Biscuits.

Sondra is a founding member of RHYTHMICALLY SPEAKING. She got her start in theatre at Oklahoma City Community College as a “saloon girl” in DEADWOOD DICK. She went on to perform regularly with Oklahoma Children’s Theatre in such productions as ANANSI, THE SPIDER, THE SUGAR PLUM FAIRY, and THE SECRET GARDEN among others. She's an awesome talent who always delivers a captivating performance no matter the role.

Chris Shepard

Known for roles such as Calvin Luper in Sitting In With Clara. Other credits: Soulful Stories 2 (Bullet Joe Rogan/Bass Reeves), Sebastian the Digger Dog (Sebastian), Swingin' and Singin' (Harold), Soulful Stories (various roles).

To date, Chris is the youngest RS member. Currently studying his craft at UCO, he is a multi-talented young man with an innate capacity and passion for dance. He has performed with Rhythmically Speaking for twelve years and is currently a member of R.A.C.E. Dance Company’s Men of Race. Chris also performed as his role model, Michael Jackson, in the Everything Goes Dance Studio’s Tribute to Michael Jackson in 2010.

Trena Brown

Known for roles such as the historical Cathay Williams in Hidden Soldier. Other credits: Swingin' & Singin' (Henry Mae), Sweet Biscuits (Polly), Sitting In With Clara (Barbara), Yeh Shin (Storyteller); The Gumbo Pot, How Ella Got Her Shoes Back.

Trena joined RS in 1998 and has performed. She is a Spanish teacher at Classen School of Advanced Studies by day, but a talented actress and singer the rest of the time. She's also written original songs for RS and various other theatrical productions. Her bright spirit radiates in every show no matter the character. Some of her favorites outside of RS include Opal in Pieces of Her & Gran Mimi in Jelly's Last Jam.

Sandy Oliver

Known for roles such as The Professor in Sebastian the Digger Dog. Other credits: Nothing But Mercy: a Private Room Please (Nurse Martha), Yeh Shin: Chinese Cinderella (the Wicked Step-Mother), Swingin' & Singin' (Mrs. Pitman).

In light of her true kind and loving nature, Sandy's ability to take on many villainous roles is a testament to her transformative skill. She takes on any role with a passion to deliver an important message to audiences. She also has an incredible sense of comic timing. Sandy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and contracts with Betterlife Counseling Services to provide home-based therapy to children, adults and families.

La'Charles Purvey

Known for roles such as Kiboko in Rabbit At The Waterhole. Other credits: Soulful Stories (various roles), Sittin' In With Clara (Portwood), Swingin' and Singin' (Herman), Nothing But Mercy: A Private Room Please (Porter).

La'Charles graduated from Classen School of Advanced studies with an emphasis in vocal music and theatre. There he wrote, directed, and produced original shows. He attended Oklahoma City University where he received his bachelors in Theater. He is the creative director of BRILLIANT SOUL THEATRE under which he has produced three of his original plays. When he isn't behind the scenes he is performing on stage with Rhythmically Speaking and other local theatre companies.

Known for roles such as Sister Mary Madeline Feeley in Nothing But Mercy: a Private Room Please. Other credits: Sebastian the Digger Dog (Miss Betty), Sitting in with Clara (Dancer/Waitress), Yeh Shin (Yeh Shin/Fairy Godmother)

Amy Nevius

Amy is a versatile and innovative teaching artist specializing in dance and creative movement. She's a talent on and off the stage. Her passion for creative movement has also led her to serve as a dance artist among several elementary, middle, and high school settings throughout the state of Oklahoma. She holds a B.A. in Dance Education from the University of Central Oklahoma and is a founding member of Perpetual Motion, Modern Dance Oklahoma.

Jaylen Natt

Known for roles such as Sebastian in Sebastian The Digger Dog. Other credits: It's Not The Bat's FaultSebastian The Painter Dog.

Jaylen is a three year member of Rhythmically Speaking. He is a student at Classen School of Advanced Studies as a drama major. Jaylen premiered as the “Bat” in It’s Not The Bat’s Fault. He has played the role of “Sebastian” in Sebastian The Digger Dog and Sebastian The Painter Dog. Mr. Natt loves performing and tapping.

The Original Four




Dwe Williams, Al Bostick, Jaruba Lambeth, & Sondra McMillon

When Dwe Williams established Rhythmically Speaking in 1996 there were only four members in the group. These four have been heralded as some of the greatest and leading storytellers in Oklahoma. While they have continued to travel and share their gifts and talents they have all served as mentors to many others aiming to follow in their footsteps.

Former Members

Ty Donato

Kim Green

Adam Ledbetter

Eve Ledbetter

Kimila Ledbetter

Ray MacMillon

Tina Mitchell

Taylor Newby

Former Casts

Elizabeth Brooks

Joan Brown

Tierney Eden

Dacia Hooks

Jaylen Natt

Taylor Newby

Eugene Smith 

Terry Veal

Jordan Wiliams

Ebony Wilson    

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