Meet the Founder
DWe Williams

Whether she's performing or overseeing, you're guaranteed to meet the founder, producer, director, creator-in other words, the Queen Bee of Rhythmically Speaking: Ms. DWe Williams.


Rhythmically Speaking began in 1996 and through Rhythmically Speaking, DWe has spread a wealth of knowledge about Oklahoma history to children and adults alike, all the while providing an undeniably fun-filled & family-rated entertainment experience. DWe wears many hats as the creator/director and even as a fellow cast member during every show. All the same, she has no qualms about stepping back from the spotlight. Over the years, DWe has given a platform to others, young and old, seeking to stretch their performance wings. Many members of the company have been with her for years, some started with her as students, others started with her as a means to free a latent dream of singing and dancing in front of audiences. The founder wears her heart on her sleeve. Writing shows like "The Gumbo Pot" to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims, and casting some real life survivors in the show, is just an example of the kind of passion and compassion DWe applies to all of her work.