Subdivisions of Rhythmically Speaking

High Five

High Five is an integrated arts team made up of teaching artists who focus on bringing the arts to mutli-generational audiences of all ability levels. We work with all populations making the necessary modifications to enhance the learning and artistic experience. High Five modifies activities for the success of all participants. Combining the use of stroytelling, drama, visual art, movement/dance, video, photography, writing and music, students experience the world of the arts as they appear in everday life and in classical form. Students learn to appreciate the arts as a life skill and as an educational tool. Our mission is to build self-esteem, communication skills, provide encouragement and exposure through the arts. 

An Experience For Everyone

Dwe established this branch in 2013. She has reached out to a diverse group of people who specialize in all the various art forms to provide a well-rounded and undeniable experience for the students and staff alike.