Sebastian The Painter Dog



Is the art of creating new colors magic or science?

Sebastian the Digger Dog is still up to his same old tricks. Miss Betty’s paints and brushes are disappearing and only Sebastian knows where and why. Sebastian discovers green, orange, and purple and the joy of mixing colors. While mixing paints he discovers “Punch Berry” the newest color in the universe.


Miss Betty – Amy Nevius / DWe Williams

Ms. Magg  -  Trena Brown / Sondra McMillion

Sebastian -   Chris Shepard / Jaylen Natt

Professor – Sandy Oliver / Chris Shepard

Featuring the art work of Betty & Giselle Williams.

Ms. Betty began painting in 2013 as a student of Joyce Jackson (who islead artist on painting the backdrop).  She has continued to paint in herstudio at home. Ms. Betty had a stroke 15 years ago and uses only her lefthand. Modifications are made to create a safe accessible environment forBetty to paint. Giselle has been painting and drawing for a number of years. It is one of her favorite things to do.


Ms. Betty and Giselle often paint together.