Subdivisions of Rhythmically Speaking

Ebony Voices is a storytelling unit of Rhythmically Speaking that incorporates music and womanly style in the telling of stories from the perspective of women. Women who have been birthin' and burpin' and buildin' a bold new body of people as they redefine the boundaries of their time. They deal with a wide array of issues and themes real and imagined, projected in song and story. Ebony Voices specializes in original songs replete with acappella harmonies that plant their stories in the hearts and minds of the audience.

The original members of this RS branch, Dwe, Sondra, & Trena began this empowering journey in 1998. They have inspired, touched, and educated audiences for years with their performances. From dramatic, heart-wrenching scenes to uplifting and unifying musical numbers, these three women are an impactful trio.